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Begin Preparing for the SAT

Good Morning Parents!

As we end another successful school year and prepare for your child’s Junior year, I would like to send out important information regarding the SAT.

On March 27th, 2019, DTA will be offering an opportunity to all Juniors to take the SAT during the school day, free-of-charge. It is a requirement that all students take this test.

With any test, it is important to study and the SAT is no different. Below are a few options to consider for the summer as your child prepares to take the exam in the Spring:

Free Options

  1. Your child should take his or her most recent PSAT results and analyze each incorrect response. They need to make sure they do not repeat the same mistakes. This can be done by logging into your child’s College Board profile.
  2. Download the app “College Board Daily Practice” onto your phone. This app provides daily practice on real SAT questions.
  3. Practice on Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice website. They provide links to videos explaining concepts your child is having trouble with.
  4. Go to and take “College Algebra and Problem-Solving”. Algebra and Problem-Solving are 72% of the SAT. This is a great refresher course.

Paid Options

  1. Purchase an Official College Board SAT Study Guide for your child and have them study from it during the summer. This can be purchased online or at any major bookstore.
  2. Hire an SAT Prep Tutor over the summer. Results Tutoring is a good option.

We will continue to provide additional test prep opportunities during the school year. I will send out an e-mail in the Fall detailing those opportunities.

I hope this information has been valuable. As the school’s Testing Coordinator, I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions you have regarding the SAT. I can be reached by e-mail, phone, or in-person at the school. 

I look forward to continuing this important conversation with you.


Samaira Sirajee

DTA Testing Coordinator