Health Services

  • Our goal is to maintain a healthy learning environment for our students and staff. Communication with parents and students is essential to provide the best care for medical conditions.

    Below you will find information about health examination requirements, requested medical information, and some of the regular health services and expectations that are provided by the school nurse.

    Please contact the school nurse if you have any questions or if you need any of the required health forms.

  • 9th Grade Health Examination Requirements:

    The Department of Education in collaboration with the Department of Public Health, requires that all students entering 9th grade provide a health examination/physical done within the past two years, Meningococcal vaccine (one dose), and a Tdap vaccine booster. In addition, all immunizations are to be up to date and sent in with the physical.  Students not in compliance with this Delaware State Regulation will be excluded from school.

    New Student Requirements:

    Students who are new to the Delaware Public School system must have a physical (within the last two years), up-to-date immunizations, and a TB screening or PPD (within the last 12 months). All documents must be received prior to your student starting school. This is a Delaware State law; if noncompliant your child will be excluded from school.

    Emergency Cards:

    At the beginning of each school year, students receive a blank emergency card. Please complete and return this card as soon as possible. In addition to providing us with pertinent medical and contact information, there is a section for signed permission allowing your student to receive over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and antacids. Without written consent we will not be able to dispense these over the counter medications.

    DIAA Sports Physicals:

    If your son/daughter would like to participate on any of the DTA athletic teams, you will need to complete a DIAA Sports Physical. These forms must be dated after April 1, 2017. There are 12 signatures required, including 3 from the athlete, 2 from the physician, and 7 from a parent/ guardian. Please turn in completed forms to the nurses' office as soon as possible. During summer hours, forms may be dropped off at the main office.

    Medication at School:

    Please keep in mind that all medication, prescription and over the counter, must be dispensed in the nurses' office. In the interest of safety for our children, students are not permitted to carry medication. All medication must be brought to and from the nurses' office by a parent/guardian. Emergency medications such as rescue inhalers, epi pens, and insulin are the only exception. As per Delaware State law, all medications sent to the nurses' office must be in the original prescription or over the counter bottle.

    Chronic Medical Conditions:

    If your student has a chronic medical condition such as Asthma, Diabetes, seizure disorder, or food allergies, please contact the school nurse to receive the appropriate Action Care Plan. The Action Care Plan needs to be completed and returned to the school as soon as possible.  These care plans enable us to provide a more individualized plan of action for your student in the event of a medical emergency.


    All incoming freshman will receive a postural/ gait (scoliosis) screening. You will be notified by mail if your student requires additional screening. 

    All Driver Education students will undergo vision and hearing screenings during their driver’s education class. Again, you will be notified by mail if your student requires further evaluation.

    Illness During School:

    All students going home for health reasons must be sent home after an evaluation by the school nurse and dismissed from the nurse’s office directly to their parent/guardian.  Their parent/guardian is required to come in to the school and enter the main office to sign their student out.